Structural Health Assessment / Stability

Structural Audit: Evaluating Building Health and Safety

A comprehensive structural audit is akin to a doctor's checkup for a patient. It involves an overall assessment of the building's health and performance. The structural audit serves as a diagnostic tool, shedding light on the status of older buildings. This meticulous process is designed to identify and investigate risk areas, critical structural issues, and whether immediate attention is required. It encompasses a thorough structural analysis of the existing framework, highlighting weak areas vulnerable to static, wind, and earthquake loads. Importantly, if the building has undergone a change in its usage, such as from residential to commercial or industrial, the audit reveals the impact of this transformation.

Design Expertise: Crafting Innovative Building Concepts

Drawing from our wealth of experience, we specialize in the design of a diverse range of structures, including residential, commercial, educational institutions, and industrial buildings. Our design process is meticulous and adaptive, allowing for the modification of conceptual designs to incorporate necessary changes. This phase includes the creation of preliminary drawings and scaled physical models, which serve to vividly illustrate the design intent. Additionally, we prepare preliminary estimates and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for projects once the design is finalized, ensuring that specifications align with the client's requirements. We also take responsibility for preparing the requisite drawings for client and statutory approvals, guaranteeing strict compliance with Codes, Standards, and Legislation.

Advanced Structural Analysis: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Software

The structural analysis of a building is a pivotal aspect of our services. We employ advanced software tools like STAAD Pro, as well as visualization software like SketchUp and 3ds Max, to perform structural analyses for all available loads. This not only enables us to ensure the structural integrity of the building but also provides our clients with a visual representation of the analysis results. We believe in presenting our findings in a clear and comprehensible manner, enhancing the decision-making process for our clients.

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