Chemical Testing

We offer an extensive array of chemical testing services that cover a wide spectrum of materials and substances. These services are designed to provide in-depth analysis and assessments in various domains, ensuring quality, compliance, and performance standards are met. Our comprehensive range of chemical testing services includes the following:

  • Soil & Rock Testing: We conduct thorough chemical analyses of soil and rock samples to determine their composition, properties, and suitability for construction and geological purposes. This includes assessments of mineral content, pH levels, and the presence of contaminants.

  • Steel Testing: Our testing services extend to the examination of steel materials, encompassing evaluations of chemical composition, alloy content, and corrosion resistance. This is crucial for industries where steel is employed for structural or manufacturing purposes.

  • Cement and Cementitious Material Testing: We specialize in testing cement and cementitious materials such as concrete, mortar, and additives. This involves analyses of chemical properties, setting times, and performance characteristics to ensure they meet industry standards and specifications.

  • Water Testing: Water quality testing is a fundamental service we offer, covering various parameters such as pH levels, chemical composition, contaminants, and suitability for different applications, including drinking water, industrial processes, and environmental assessments.

  • Bentonite Testing: Bentonite is examined to assess its chemical composition and properties, particularly its swelling capacity and ability to act as a sealing or drilling fluid in construction, geotechnical, and oil drilling operations.

  • Aggregates Testing: Our chemical testing services extend to aggregates used in construction, where we evaluate the composition of materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone. This analysis helps determine the suitability of aggregates for concrete and asphalt production.

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