Our Team

Omkaramurtthy J G

Founder & Managing Director

Omkaramurtthy founded EDGE Engineering Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2009 with a vision to have a brilliant platform for construction material testing.

With the experience he gained over many years in the field of civil construction testing, he went on to further develop and expand the activities of civil engineering, re-established with the new name of EDGE2 Engineering Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

With over 30 years of invaluable experience in the Planning, Designing, and Soil Testing domain within civil construction, he has made substantial contributions. His expertise spans a diverse array of projects, including Residential, Commercial, and Road initiatives. His skillful implementation of cost-effective technologies and innovative materials has not only enriched government and private sector ventures but has also solidified his standing as a prized asset within the industry.

Kiran Kumar O

Chief Operating Officer

With a vision to maintain overall management & Quality in testing, he has an outstanding 15+ years of experience in the field of non-destructive tests, strengthening/rehabilitation solutions of building and expertise in project management.

Karthik B Patil

Structural Engineer

Karthik holds a postgraduate degree (M.Tech-Structures) from PES University (PESU) Bengaluru. His role involves ensuring structural safety and compliance with IS codes, advising clients on material selection and layout, conducting structural evaluations and design services for Foundations, Telecom Towers, Building Feasibility projects, and NDT. He communicates recommendations and concerns effectively, conducts structural stability calculations, creates support drawings, drafts plans for intricate reinforcement structures, collaborates with clients to address deficiencies, and designs plans for their resolution. His commitment lies in identifying issues and delivering solutions to enhance safety and functionality.

Ashvini Shirahatti

Senior Engineer

Ashvini is a Civil Engineering graduate from SECAB Institute of Technology and Engineering, Bijapur, affiliated with VTU Belgaum, with her graduation year in 2011. She has accumulated five years of valuable experience working at Civil-Tech Consultants and Engineers. Her expertise lies in the realms of construction and highway material testing within laboratory environments.

Varun M H

Quality Manager

Varun is Civil Engineering Graduate in the year 2017 from Sri Krishna Institute of Technology, Bengaluru affiliated to VTU Belgaum. He has experience in the field of Geotechnical Investigation, Construction and Highway Material Testings and Non- Destructive Testing (NDT).

Kavya G M

Test Engineer

Kavya is Civil Engineering Graduate from East West Institute of Technology, Bengaluru affiliated to VTU Belgaum. She has experience in the field of Soil testing, Construction and Highway Material Testing in Laboratory.

Varsha M N

Design Executive

Graduated with a Diploma in Civil Engineering from DRR Govt Polytechnic College, Davangere, Varsha is dedicated to creating precise support drawings. Her accomplishments include the successful drafting of plans for intricate reinforcement structures and conducting Structural Stability Calculations. She is also proficient in building modeling using SketchUp and possesses knowledge of 3D modeling techniques.

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