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Geotechnical investigation is a crucial process in civil engineering and construction. We conduct tests on soil and rock samples to determine their properties, such as density, strength, permeability, and composition. These findings help engineers and builders make informed decisions, ensuring the safety and durability of structures while optimizing construction techniques.

Construction Material

We assess the quality and properties of construction materials with a high degree of accuracy. Concrete, bricks, and blocks testing involves assessing the quality and properties of these construction materials. Our laboratory is equipped with the Matest Servoplus Evolution, automatic flexure testing machines designed to ensure the reliability and consistency of flexural testing on standard concrete beams.

Precision Steel

Our precision assessments of steel quality and properties are top-notch. We employ a wide array of tests like tensile testing, hardness testing, impact testing, and chemical composition analysis. Our laboratory is furnished with the "UTE120HGFL," and "MOSS Optical Emission Spectrometer," that is designed for conducting a wide range of material tests.

Structural Health Assessment/Stability

The structural analysis of a building is a pivotal aspect of our services. We employ advanced software tools like STAAD Pro, as well as visualization software like SketchUp and 3ds Max, to perform structural analyses for all available loads. Structural audit helps to understand
the status of the old building. We provide Structural Audit, Design Expertise, Advanced Structural Analysis.

Non-Destructive Testing/Restoration and Rehabilitation

We conduct Non-destructive testing (NDT) to evaluate the integrity and quality of structures without causing damage. Methods like Rebound Hammer Test, Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity Test, Half-Cell Potential Test, Rebar Locator Test are used to detect defects, assess welds, and ensure the safety and longevity of buildings. NDT helps identify potential issues early, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing construction safety.

Soil Testing

A soil testing lab is indispensable in construction. We conduct a wide range of tests on soil samples to assess properties such as composition, compaction, moisture content, and bearing capacity. Our soil testing report helps engineers in precise foundation design and construction planning, ensuring structural stability, compliance with regulations, and cost-effective project execution.


Chemical testing in construction verifies the composition and quality of materials. It involves analyzing substances like cement, concrete, aggregates, and adhesives for various properties, including chemical composition, durability, and resistance to environmental factors.

Project Management Consultancy and Quality Assurance

We provide project management consultancy services to deal with various factors such as Scheduling, Cost Budgeting, Risk Identifying, Assessing Construction Progress, Site Supervision and Quality Assurance

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